Sierra’s Style: Reconnecting with her Body Through CRPS

“I’m so grateful for all the things my body does for me. I spent many years pushing my body beyond its limits, yet it has still been so forgiving and willing to heal.”  From a young age, Sierra struggled with perfectionism and navigated anxiety – both of which she didn’t have the skills to manage or understand…. Continue reading

Chaufa’s Style: Living a Vibrant Life with Lupus

“One of the greatest things I have learned in the last few years is to show yourself the same level of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness that you show to friends, family, or strangers.” Chaufa is continuously inspired to keep values of gratitude, happiness, and courage in her heart. She attributes her emotional strength to her… Continue reading

A year in review: learnings & un-learnings of 2016

On a personal level, this year was pretty great. I re-established healthy habits that nourished a meaningful balance between school, work, As We Are, and personal relationships. I slept more, read more books, and enjoyed more coffee chats with strangers turned good friends. I re-evaluated my physical limitations, and after much trial and error (and… Continue reading