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How I Talk to my Friends about my Chronic Illness: The Watering Can Analogy

There are moments where I forget that I live with a chronic illness. Quite unsurprisingly, it’s when things are going well: when sleep is restorative, when I’m in the flow with my work, and when I have friends over for dinner and we find ourselves laughing more heartily than we have in months. Then, there… Continue reading

Looking forward: my three intentions for 2017

Last week, my intentions for 2017 leaped onto the pages of my worn journal: Go boldly, Nourish daily, Move marvellously. Allow me to explain. Go boldly. My parents used to tell me, “if you don’t ask, then you’ll never know.” (You were right, Mom and Dad). The first two weeks of 2017 have been full… Continue reading

Sierra’s Style: Reconnecting with her Body Through CRPS

“I’m so grateful for all the things my body does for me. I spent many years pushing my body beyond its limits, yet it has still been so forgiving and willing to heal.”  From a young age, Sierra struggled with perfectionism and navigated anxiety – both of which she didn’t have the skills to manage or understand…. Continue reading

Chaufa’s Style: Living a Vibrant Life with Lupus

“One of the greatest things I have learned in the last few years is to show yourself the same level of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness that you show to friends, family, or strangers.” Chaufa is continuously inspired to keep values of gratitude, happiness, and courage in her heart. She attributes her emotional strength to her… Continue reading