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Jamie’s Style: Finding Happiness while living with Hashimotos Thyroiditis

“Our stories are always evolving and changing. We have ups and downs, and I believe this is all a part of becoming who we were meant to be. It all starts on the inside.” Jamie is the creative voice behind Styling the Inside, a lifestyle blog dedicated   to authentically sharing experiences on parenting, style, health, and wellness…. Continue reading

Jenny’s Style: Finding an Outlook That Fits

“I’ve learned that having a healthy mind and spirit cannot be separate from having a healthy body. For me, the pinnacle of my healing is having compassion for myself as a whole being.” For several years, Jenny has been involved with two organizations that are close to her heart. With the Food Connection, she and her friends… Continue reading

Alison’s Style: Stepping into Life with Juvenile Arthritis

ALISON “I think that those of us with JIA are part of a bigger community that’s going through it. We all have an opportunity to advocate, educate, and empower others – silently, or widely. Each of us has something to offer.” Alison and I first met several years ago at Camp Capilano, an educational retreat… Continue reading

Vincent’s Style: Adjusting to Arthritis

VINCENT  Vincent walked toward me wearing a checkered pastel pink shirt, dark grey jeans, and a camera bag slung over his shoulder. Although dark clouds hung above our heads, his bright smile and warm greeting easily brightened the day. We strolled along the False Creek sea wall and settled on a bench overlooking a group… Continue reading