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Sierra’s Style: Reconnecting with her Body Through CRPS

“I’m so grateful for all the things my body does for me. I spent many years pushing my body beyond its limits, yet it has still been so forgiving and willing to heal.”  From a young age, Sierra struggled with perfectionism and navigated anxiety – both of which she didn’t have the skills to manage or understand…. Continue reading

Jamie’s Style: Finding Happiness while living with Hashimotos Thyroiditis

“Our stories are always evolving and changing. We have ups and downs, and I believe this is all a part of becoming who we were meant to be. It all starts on the inside.” Jamie is the creative voice behind Styling the Inside, a lifestyle blog dedicated   to authentically sharing experiences on parenting, style, health, and wellness…. Continue reading

Interview with Elim Chu, Fashion & Life Stylist

“I am excited to empower people to feel confident in their clothing, to choose well, and to feel really good. Clothes are such an intimate piece of our daily lives. What we put on our bodies can effect how we navigate our entire day.” Elim Chu’s interest in fashion was sparked when she was 7… Continue reading

Ariane’s Style: Getting Creative to Find Comfort with Complex Chronic Illness

“I am working on accepting my current self and my current health. I am learning how to live a good day-to-day life despite what’s going on.” When I was introduced to Ariane by a friend, I was immediately impressed when I learned that she designs and sews her own clothing. I was excited to look… Continue reading