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Sierra’s Style: Reconnecting with her Body Through CRPS

“I’m so grateful for all the things my body does for me. I spent many years pushing my body beyond its limits, yet it has still been so forgiving and willing to heal.”  From a young age, Sierra struggled with perfectionism and navigated anxiety – both of which she didn’t have the skills to manage or understand…. Continue reading

Bryce’s Style: Bringing Mental Health into Focus

  “It all started with my own story of using photography as a way to overcome my mental health challenges.” Bryce is the Founder of a social enterprise called The One Project: an online photography community for people who live with depression and anxiety. Alongside The One Project, Bryce has worked as a marketing consultant,… Continue reading

Aaron’s Style: Neutralizing Anxiety

“Instead of changing with the seasons, my style changes with where I’m at emotionally and mentally. My fashion choices are a reflection of this.” As the President of the UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS), Aaron represents the voices of 51 000 students. Recently, he was also elected by his peers to join the UBC Board… Continue reading

Ameera’s Style: Adding Comfort to Conversion Disorder

AMEERA “I knew at some point that I wanted to share my story with others. I had dealt with everything in isolation, but I could not express it. I wanted to turn that negativity into positivity.” Last year, I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed to find an honest status written by Ameera. She had… Continue reading

Brent’s Style: Climbing over Mental Health Obstacles

BRENT Within the past year alone, Brent has organized and co-hosted the Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit at Rogers Arena, launched a social enterprise, and adventurously climbed several +10,000 ft. mountains. While Brent’s accomplishments are certainly impressive, he shared that he is most proud of “not giving up” on himself when “that was the easier… Continue reading