TAYLORHART.DESIGNS: An interview with Taylor Byrom

During Taylor’s final year of Fashion Design studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, she had the opportunity to research, design, and build a fashion collection for a niche market. Given that she was volunteering at BC Children’s Hospital’s Miracle Weekend at this time, Taylor was inspired to develop what became the foundations of jolie hart: a clothing line for young girls with complex care needs.

“Children who were feeling well enough for Miracle Weekend really enjoyed the festivities. Many of them had unique mobility considerations, such as using an IV (intravenous) pole or using a wheelchair. It just kind of came together. I thought, ‘I can fix something here. There’s something that I can do to enhance the wellness factor’,” Taylor shared.

Photo courtesy of Alanna Milaney Photography

So, what makes jolie hart special?

“Our clothes allow for accommodations such as tracheotomy tubes, wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and sensory processing disorders. Each piece is designed for function while maintaining every bit of style,” Taylor said with a smile.

Specific design features include:

  • Snap plackets on the sides of shirts and dresses to access tubes easily.
  • Jackets with removable button backs so there is less ‘bulk’ while someone is sitting in a chair or wheelchair.
  • Necklines that are more open to access tracheotomy tubes.
  • Soft tags and heat pressed Care Content labels located at the bottom of clothing to prevent irritation and pulling of the fabric.
  • Clothing silhouettes are generally a looser fit to ensure comfort.

Taylor shared that the response to jolie hart has been great so far. Every season, she tests new designs and collections with families who have children with complex care needs to ensure that the clothes are easily functional for daily activities and durable for active kids.

Photo courtesy of Alanna Milaney Photography

“Hearing the positive feedback from families that I have worked with has been a highlight. Knowing that jolie hart is making a difference in their child’s life is what inspires me to keep going. It has also been a learning experience to work for myself. Right now, it’s just me and my fashion design student intern from Kwantlen who is working on this,” Taylor said.

The price range of jolie hart pieces range from $40 to 150 (at the top end). Taylor hopes to make the price more accessible, considering the financial stress that may already be on families who have children with complex care needs.

When I asked Taylor what’s next for jolie hart, she excitedly announced that new styles are on the way. In the future, she would love to start a boys clothing line as well.

Photo courtesy of Alanna Milaney Photography

Finally, Taylor reminded us that, while her clothing line is designed for a child with complex care needs, they are a comfortable and stylish clothing option for any child.

“You’d never know that they’re adapted clothes just by looking at them. This clothing line is truly about raising a child’s comfort level in their clothing and in themselves.”


Taylor has kindly offered As We Are readers a 10% discount for a limited time on clothing pieces from the jolie hart clothing line. Visit her Etsy store and enter the coupon code: AsWeAre10 to redeem this offer. This discount ends on March 25th.

We are grateful to have met Taylor and look forward to keeping up with her journey! To connect with Taylor and jolie hart, visit her website and stay up to date by following along on Instagram and Facebook.