The Art of Wardrobe

Written by Becca, Founder of Wardrobe Vibrancy

When you open your closet door to get dressed in the morning, how do you feel? Do you feel invigorated or overwhelmed? Inspired or bored?

Many of us feel overwhelmed and frustrated as we rummage through our closets each morning in search of the “right” outfit.

Rest assured. I have witnessed that closet cleaning and refreshing can give us a foundation for empowerment and inspiration.  Simplifying our closets and honing in on personal style by eliminating unnecessary extras can go so far as to improve our mental health and well being, thereby influencing our sense of confidence each day.

I am an advocate for simplifying and keeping it classic when it comes to wardrobe. By simplifying I mean eliminating the “extras”. Extras can be defined as any pieces that you keep purely for sentimental value, pieces that don’t fit you well, pieces that you wear once every two or three years, pieces that make you feel uncomfortable in your body, and any pieces that just don’t feel like YOU.

Remember that you are changing and evolving constantly, so the process of simplifying needs to happen on a reoccurring basis. I like to clean out my closet 3-4 times per year. I encourage consigning or donating your clothes to keep the wheel of inspiration turning.  When you simplify your closet, imagine that you are packing for a vacation. I like to pack my favourite pieces, leaving the rest behind. Eliminate until your entire closet is worthy of packing.

Now, onto keeping it classic. I am a huge advocate for buying quality over quantity. You do not need tons of items to have a full, complete and beautiful wardrobe. Find the brands and cuts that suit you best. Buy one incredible sweater, rather than five. You’ll know it’s a classic when you find it in your closet for more than four years, and you’re still picking it out first. Once you find a classic piece, do your best to hold onto it. Repair the soles of your favourite black boots. Check them every year to make sure that they last. Fix the buttons and zipper on your favourite jacket or purse. Often there is no need to buy new things if we are able to edit what we have. Give yourself permission to spend more on classic staples that are cut well, feel good on your skin, and blend with other pieces.

DSC_0395Why bother? In addition to boosting your confidence, simplifying your wardrobe has this uncanny ability to declutter your mind. It’s amazing. Those anxieties that flood you first thing in the morning when you open your closet door will begin to float away as you eliminate and refresh.

Still feeling overwhelmed? I developed Wardrobe Vibrancy to help generate an empowered relationship between you and your wardrobes. Through home visits, closet editing, styling and shopping, I am here to help you find a personal style that leaves you feeling inspired, powerful and beautiful every day.

It is time to let go of the boredom and overwhelm and to invite in its place the possibility of exhilaration and joy. Our outer expression through clothing can reflect the absolute finest of who we are underneath!

With sincere gratitude, I thank As We Are for creating a community of supportive and empowered individuals who see style in a holistic way.